The United States of Africa to launch African History Month on 1st March.

The United States of Africa will launch the first ever African History Month conference on 1st March 2021.

About The African History Month:

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The African History Month  Is  set to be launched  at 2PM GMT on 1st March 2021 coinciding with 125th Adwa Victory celebrations which have been the bulwark of Pan Africanism and will be celebrated from 1st March – 31st March 2021. 

The event will be streamed live via the United States of Africa Facebook Page, African History Month YouTube Channel

, and 2nacheki TV YouTube Channel.

The United States of Africa is registered as a nonprofit corporation in Texas,United States and is the driving force behind this African Holiday.  African History Month acknowledges the enormous contributions that Africa has made to the world’s civilizations.

The African History Month is an annual celebration of  the achievements of people of African descent from Africa, the Caribbean, Pacific, Europe, United States, Latin America, and all over the world

The first ever African History Month conference will virtually take place on 1st March 2021 and begins with celebrating 125th Adwa decisive victory which humiliated the invading colonial Italian Army in the battle of Adowa.

African History Month will rewrite the history of Africa from an Afrocentric perspective,debunk Eurocentric lies,conserve African History,promote African Culture and heritage ,encourage and promote further research and celebrate the achievements of all people of African descent including where Black History Month is not celebrated.

The African History Month was founded by a Kenya-born Pan Africanist Daniel Mwambonu on 15th February 2021  through a proclamation with a vision to restore Africa’s lost dignity and inspire self-pride in  Africans at home or diaspora.

“Until the lion has his or her own storyteller, the hunter will always have the best part of the story.” – Ewe-mina (Benin, Ghana, and Togo) Proverb

Official Proclamation Establishing this African Holiday:



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