The United States of Africa strongly condemns Phoenix Massacre, KwaZulu-Natal

The United States of Africa is disturbed by heartrending footages emerging from South Africa and strongly condemn Phoenix massacre which has opened wounds of the trauma Black South Africans went through apartheid regime.

We are outraged by the massacre of more than 15 native South Africans through racially motivated violence and demand justice to the victims of Phoenix Massacre.  

It is worrying that over 72 people have died following chaotic riots that erupted after the controversial imprisonment of former President and anti-apartheid veteran Jacob Zuma.

This crisis has brought out clearly the racial disparities that exist in South Africa and it is horrifying that innocent poor Black people caught up in looting spree are having their lives unjustly terminated.

The United States of Africa calls for immediate release of the former President Jacob Zuma and urges the government of South Africa to find a political solution to this crisis.

We call upon South Africa to take action to protect the lives of civilians, respect human rights and put the interests of the people first.

Best Regards,

Daniel Mwambonu,

The President,

United States of Africa


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