The United States of Africa launches Technology and Innovations department: Rock It Afrika

The United States of Africa has launched Technology and Innovations Department to focus on creating technological solutions to problems facing Africa, promote innovations among young people and encourage more women to embrace STEM. The United States of Africa Department of Technology and Innovations is seeking for creative, self inspired African developers passionate about African Unity and are willing to work together collectively to create web based and mobile applications that can be used by both Africans and the rest of the world.
The idea is to tap into the amazing skills that Africans possess and create a platform where people of African descent reach their full potential.
Rock It Africa Innovations challenge brings together African developers from the continent and in the diaspora to build new applications from scratch and steer Africa into rapid technological advancement.
This initiative will in the long run create enormous opportunities for young people in Africa and encourage a new generation of Africans who believe in their potential and realize the benefits of working together for common interests. The United States of Africa is an initiative to unite Africa into one federal state and bring together all people of African descent all over the world to work towards social, cultural ,economical ,technological and political development of Africa and its people. The initiative has so far attracted 30 African developers from 8 eight countries.

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