The United States of Africa is the solution to heal the colonial divide caused by Berlin Conference 1885

The United States of Africa is the only solution to heal wounds left by the Berlin Conference 1885 Chaos in the Pan African Parliament revealed how Colonial languages continues to divide Africa. There is need for Africa to have a common national Language and Swahili has proven to unify hundreds of different ethnic groups in East and Central Africa. Embracing it as a Language of African Unification will eradicate misunderstandings among People of African Descent not only in Africa but throughout the world. The French Assimilation policy was designed to transform African way of life and thinking to that of the Colonizer and this has led to turmoil in Francophone states. Decolonization of Africa is extremely important in ensuring that Africans regardless their Region begin to see themselves as citizens of the African nation. In order to have a functional Pan African Parliament there is need to include representatives from the Caribbean, Pacific and other countries all over the world with Black Presence. Pan African organizations have to be granted observer status to monitor the activities of the Pan African Parliament and provide Advisory role to PAP and the African Union Pan Africanism is a borderless idea and doesn’t end within the African continent but seeks to unify all people of African Descent throughout the world. Africa must unite and be restored to what it was before the colonizers came. For Africa to regain its lost respect and dignity we need one military ,one currency ,one President, one parliament and it is upon this vision that Pan African Parliament was established.

Africans must reject toxic regionalism and embrace a true Pan Africanism spirit which recognizes the important of rotational leadership in all organs of the African Union.

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