Suzanne Jambo appointed the first Ambassador for South Sudan

The United States of Africa has appointed Suzanne Jambo as the official Ambassador for the Republic of South Sudan to champion its mission to unify African states and people of African descent around the world.

We have established the department of foreign affairs to promote African Unity and root for meaningful diplomatic relations beneficial for Africa or people of African descent and stem out foreign interference in African affairs.

About Suzanne Jambo:

Suzanne Jambo is a veteran South Sudanese politician and activist, a women’s and children’s rights campaigner, a pro-peaceful change and a transformative leadership practitioner. Suzanne won the Mandela 2017 Ubuntu Laureate. She’s the founder of Steps towards Peace and Democracy known as Steps, the 1st South Sudanese political party began by a woman in South Sudan, on a peaceful and democratic agenda, she is the Steps first female presidential aspirant nominee. Ms. Jambo is the former and 1st female SPLM foreign secretary. Suzanne Jambo is a long standing peace negotiator. She founded the 1st South Sudanese civil society platform, NESI Network of indigenous NGOs of South Sudan in the early 2000s. She is also the founder of Dr. John Garang Peace Institute for Women. Suzanne Jambo is a constitutional lawyer. She previously worked for UNICEF, UN-WFP regional offices in East Africa, and in Amnesty International Secretariat in London. Suzanne is a member of many Pan-Africanist groups, a passionate pro climate change activist. In over 20 years, Suzanne was featured in several national, African and international media. In 2018 she authored “Today’s African Woman!: Human Rights Champion and Single Mother” which can be found via:

In 2001 she authored a book used at Durham University, England as a gender study book for sub-Sahara nations, “Overcoming gender conflict and bias: The case of New Sudan women and girls”

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