Meet Dempris Gasque, the New Host For Pan African Leadership Center

The United States of Africa is delighted to introduce to the audience Dempris Gasque as our new host for the Pan African Leadership Center series.  The objective for the new series which runs every Thursday at 9AM EST on United States of Africa Facebook page and 2nacheki Tv YouTube channel  is bridge the gap between Africa and the diaspora, to Promote Pan Africanism, nurture young leaders, encourage women leadership and provide leadership training driven by Pan Africanism Principles to aspiring leaders of African Descent and mentor them to become great leaders that their communities need.

His emphasis will be to help young people develop the necessary leadership skillset that they need to thrive and become great leaders in social, economical, educational or in the political sphere.

About Dempris Gasque

Dempris Gasque is a passionate human right advocate and best-selling co-author of “There is No Health Without Mental Health Anthology: Men & Mental Health…Let’s Talk About IT!!”  and “Words Speak; Hurt No More Anthology book of Poetry: A Compilation of Poetry Vol 2”. He is an Advisory Board Member for Self-Discovery: Pain, Positioning and Purpose, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that raises awareness on mental illness, bullying and suicide prevention founded by professional speaker and CEO Venessa Anderson-Abram.

In 2018, Dempris launched Gasque & Co LLC, a business development and digital marketing consulting firm that focuses on effectively teaching entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and mid-sized businesses how to scale their business and build relationships with their audience that is unique to each subgroup. Having been diagnosed with mental illness in 2018, Gasque sought to build a business that integrated an effective ecosystem prioritizing mental health by teaching entrepreneurs and business professionals how to develop business ventures that are a result of purpose and strive to impact the community as opposed to simply being a way of financial gain.

The former National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) NC Executive Board Member and Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) International member, also speaks about the crippling effects of fear and trauma, continuing to share his story of triumph and truth with his unique writing style to inspire underrepresented populations in the hopes of building a future that learns to embrace people of color. Hoping to inspire others having overcome discrimination, Gasque develops workshops and events to continue to raise awareness with various workshops, seminars, and events that integrate mental wellness practices. Most recently the CEO and Certified Business Consultant relaunched his blog on to further advocate for those oftentimes underrepresented and underserved.

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