Global Pan Africanism Network Supports Africa Mental Health Reforms Campaign

Global Pan Africanism Network lauds The Mandate Mental Health Empowerment Initiative for spearheading Africa Mental Health Reforms Campaign to encourage African states to take mental health seriously and introduce policies that will ensure that the people have access to mental health services.

”We are glad to partner with MMHE in this campaign and appeal to African states to consider having more funding allocated to organizations that focus on mental health” said the President of Global Pan Africanism Network Mr. Daniel Mwambonu.

It is disturbing to note that 34 out of out 54 countries in Africa have no mental health policies, programs or action plan.

Black Mental Health Matters remains committed into championing for Mental health reforms not only in Africa but also in the Caribbean and all over the world where Black communities undergo Racism and are treated differently when suffering from mental health impairment.

We look forward to the AMHREC campaign webinar on 26th February and hope that the African Union will prioritize Mental Health and work with BMHM in ensuring that strong institutions are established to provide services to Africans.

Register for the event here:


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