France suspends ties with Mali military after a coup d’etat led by Colonel Assimi Goita

France suspends ties with Mali military after a coup d’etat led by Colonel Assimi Goita, assumed power after being sworn in as the transitional president by the country’s constitutional court. This is the 2nd coup Mali has suffered in just 9 months. Colonel Assimi Goita would now exercise the function of transitional President to lead the transition process through to it’s conclusion but time will tell if this will happen in the end. He had the declared aim of restoring full civilian rule after a coup last August that toppled Mali’s elected President, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. The court claims to have made its decision due to the “Vacancy in the presidency” following the resignation of caretaker President Bah Ndaw.

Pan Africanists are not worried about France cutting ties with Mali but hope that there will be a peaceful transition driven by the people for the interest of Malians and less French interference in African affairs.

France clinging on its former colonies has destabilized Francophone states ,introduced dictatorship and continued to perpetuate conflicts and endless coups in Francophone states.

Mali’s membership in the African Union has been suspended with the immediate effect and the AU has threatened sanctions following a second military coup in only nine months.

The AU “decides … to immediately suspend the Republic of Mali from participation in all activities of the African Union, its organs and institutions, until normal constitutional order has been restored in the country”, the body’s Peace and Security Council said in a statement late on Tuesday.

The African Union urged the military to “urgently and unconditionally return to the barracks, and to refrain from further interference in the political processes in Mali but this happens to have fallen on deaf ears as Col Assima Goita was sworn in as transitional President.

It warned that if the military did not hand over power to civilian transitional leaders, “the Council will not hesitate to impose targeted sanctions and other punitive measures”.

AU Condemned the coup “in the strongest terms possible” and said it was “deeply concerned about the evolving situation in Mali and its negative impact on the gains made thus far in the transition process in the country”.

The ECOWAS had taken a similar move on Sunday by suspending Mali from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).


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