Expulsion of GPAN Ghana Country Representative: Naa Amerley Asante-Armar

Expulsion of GPAN Ghana Country Representative: Naa Amerley Asante-Armar

The founder of Global Pan Africanism Network Mr. Daniel Mwambonu expelled Mrs. Naa Amerley Asante-Armar from country representative position and terminated her membership following gross misconduct, staging insurrection against the office of the Presidency and inciting rebellion in GPAN Ghana organizational chapter platform.

Previously Mrs. Naa was an editor of United States of Africa page and host of Women In Political Leadership series a show which streamed live to United States of Africa page through partnership with Power to our Mothers Foundation and Global Pan Africanism Network.

Other programs which streamed to United States of Africa utilizing our  virtual broadcasting studios And our sponsorship  but now have been terminated include:

1. Female Genital Mutilation and its harmful effects

2.Mothering Son-day

Its important to note that the content Mrs. Naa Amerley created is in public domain by virtual of being produced by Global Pan Africanism Network Virtual Studio and branded with the  United States of Africa public seal.

She was well aware of this fact prior to this partnership that the content was never created for profit or  to serve personal interests and  our viewers  or followers at United States of Africa will still have access to past episodes via our page.

The United States of Africa since then removed her as an editor of the page to secure its platform and we would like to notify our viewers that Women in Political leadership series will no longer stream to our page but you can follow the program via Naa Amerley’s Power to Our Mothers Facebook Page.

We will be starting new programs that will ensure that our viewers continue benefiting from quality content that we produce.

The Vice President of Global Pan Africanism Network Mrs Lilian Debrah has since then issued a statement after regaining control of GPAN Ghana platform which was taken over by Naa then renamed to Ghana Pan African Group after the President temporarily dissolved Global Pan Africanism Network Ghana Chapter after he was unlawfully removed by the country representative from a platform he had created in 2018.

In spite of the unfortunate developments, Global Pan Africanism Network values her contributions on United States of Africa and we wish her well in her future endevours.

Here is the Vice President’s Statement :

Here is the President’s official statement for download:


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