United States of Africa is officially registered in Dallas, Texas in the United States to pursue this vision to unify all people of African descent and foster political union of Sovereign African states in Africa, Caribbean, Melanesia and black nations globally. We affirm our undying resolve to provide solutions to problems affecting Africa and its people throughout the world. United States of Africa is a driving force towards economic, social, cultural, educational, political and industrial revolution in Africa. Understanding that all people of African descent have a common destiny and shared history we are extremely determined to establish the first united African nation.

United as a people Africa will become the most powerful nation on earth.United States of Africa Project is an Initiative Advocating for African Unity at home or abroad under one Economic, social, cultural, educational and political union with an aim to establish a United Prosperous Africa for all; the United States of Africa!We the people of African descent regardless of our geographical locations we know that we have a common destiny and believe that like any other race we have a right to self determination as guaranteed by the international law.

United States of Africa projects seeks complete decolonization of Africa and removal of Berlin Conference Boundaries that have torn Africa as a nation apart.Our vision is inspired by heroic struggles of Marcus Garvey, Thomas Sankara ,Muammar Gaddafi and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah vision to reunite all people of African descent and establish an Independent ,United ,Prosperous , One African Nation the United States of Africa.Its time to revive Come back to Africa initiative by Marcus Garvey and encourage Africans in diaspora to invest in Africa.


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