The Great Seal of the United States of Africa

 The Official Public Seal of United States of Africa. 

 Description of the Seal:

 The Sun:

Represents hope, splendour and glory of Africa, the rise of a new dawn in Africa and the African renaissance 

 The Falcon: 

In 21st Century Context it Represents divine Authority and right for Africans to be Free from Colonial Shackles and slavery.

In the Past the Falcon was an important symbol of Divine Kingship and a national Symbol of Ancient Egypt (Black Egypt)


The Ankh is a Symbol of Life It was often carried in the hand.

 *The Crook And Flail:* 

As the symbols of divine authority and kingship, the Crook and Flail were carried by Ancient Egypt Pharaohs in important state ceremonies like coronations of the pharaohs

.*The crook* (Heqa-sceptre) is originally a long staff curved at one end, was used by herdsmen. The crook was shaped like a ‘shepherd’ of the peoples and symbolized government, while the flail held by the Pharaoh symbolized the role as provider of food for the people.

*80 Stars: * 

The stars symbolize 79 sovereign states in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific plus West Papua a Black State under Indonesian Colonialism.

*Colour Purple Represents: * 

Royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents extravagance, creativity, wisdom of our ancestors, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.


Represents the Rich African Environment and Natural Wealth bestowed upon Africa by nature.

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