A Young Zambian invents a new Programming language made in Africa

Hawking programming language was invented by Mathews Chishinji.

Mathews Chishinji is born and bread from Zambia Copperbelt Kitwe. Mathews Chishinji was born
in 2000, driven by passion for computer programming and software development from an
early age, Mathews Chishinji of Zambia came up with this project and created Hawking programming language which now makes it possible for Africans to write in their own indigenous languages on computer.

Motivation Behind The Project:

” Looking at the technological advancement and access in Africa, it came to my attention
to came up with such an idea, before anything, I believe, its accurate and easier to
expressions an idea in a language you understand, Africans are passionate about
technology, but how to express their ideological methods of understanding, Hawking
programming language is a pure and easy to understand programming language meant
for the African child. Through the support and encouragement from friends and family, I
got the energy and motivation to further this project. “

Everything starts as an idea, Hawking programming language was just an idea, its no secret that Africans are not in the super race of technological advancement, as we have little or no resources for such. Mateo Chishinji   started to plan this Idea in 2016, with everything and its up and downs, he had to stop at points but lift himself up  in 2020, after looking into the technology statistics of Africa, He had to continue with the project, through the motivation and support from friends and the community. He successful completed the first phase of the programming language, allow people to write computer software in a Zambian language called Bemba.

Features of the Programming Language

  1. Hawking programming is a console and GUI programming language.
    You can write computer code in Almost every Africans Language.
    It’s easy to use: The syntax of the Language is well defined and easy to understand.
  2. It is user friendly.
  3. Has a well planned documentation.
  4. It’s a nonprofit language.
  5. Has yearly updates for better user development.
  6. Its faster and easy to fix.
  7. It’s a light weighing language.

Screenshots of the Programming language

Long Term Goals of the Founder of the project:

– More support is needed, for further development of the project.

– Get recognition from higher authorities and let it be used in schools.
– Be the main African computer programming language.
– Free hands on personal experience and interactive.
– Sustainable and validity from everyone.
– Free to be used as an educational tool.

You can download the first version of the software here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/r36curkzpea5nxu/REN_SETUP.exe/file


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