58th African Liberation Day: Africa Must Unite: United States of Africa marks the African Liberation Day

The President of the United States of Africa Daniel Mwambonu speaking on a live interview with a Pan African television Afrique Média lauded the launch of African Cultural Renaissance charter which entered into force on African Liberation Day and reasserted the importance of protecting Africa’s cultural heritage.

He decried foreign domination and exploitation and stated that heavy dependency on foreign has impaired Africa’s economic development. Mr Daniel Mwambonu called on the African Union to take bold steps to ensure that thousands of looted African cultural artifacts are returned to Africa by the former colonizers.

He spoke 20 minutes after launching the 58th African Liberation day in a colorful virtual conference organized by United States of Africa.

Here is his official speech for the 58th African Liberation Day anniversary conference:

What does Afrikan Liberation mean?

”We are celebrating 58 years since the founding of the organization of African Unity (OAU) now known as AU and assessing the status of how free we are in Africa after political independence which was choregraphed by the same people who colonized Africa.

This Pan African Holiday was founded by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in 1958 on the occasion of the First Conference of Independent States held in Accra, Ghana and attended by eight independent African states. The 15th of April was declared “African Freedom Day,” to mark each year the onward progress of the liberation movement, and to symbolize the determination of the people of Africa to free themselves from foreign domination and exploitation.

On this day we declare our firm resolve and determination to eradicate neo-colonialism and confront all forms of foreign domination by all means necessary.

On the 25th of May 1963, thirty-one African Heads of state convened a summit meeting to found the Organization of African Unity (OAU). They renamed African Freedom Day “African Liberation Day” and changed its date to May 25th.

Today as we celebrate African Liberation Day, we need to understand the importance of what liberation means to us as Africans and more importantly how do we achieve it.

While the colonial masters left Africa physically, the legacy of colonialism remained intact. The colonial systems of extraction have left an indelible mark on Africa’s society and economy. Africa’s states independence movements were negotiated by the ex-colonizers who crafted and designed what it should look like. The outcome of these quasi-independence arrangements, were based on African states acceptance of certain terms that have perpetuated the 21st century Neo-colonialism.

Freedom is a critical step for Afrikan liberation. … As Albert Eistein said “Freedom, in any case, is only possible by constantly struggling for it”/ Albert Eistein. In this regard, freedom is something to be acquired and a state to be realized. We must free ourselves from not only physical bondage but from exploitation and oppression.

Many African freedom movements like MAU MAU and uMkhonto we Sizwe the armed wing of African National Congress have reflected that we must free ourselves not only from physical bondage but also from mental enslavement, oppression and any form of foreign domination be it economic, cultural, social or political.

Liberation, distinguishes itself from freedom and takes us a step further beyond political independence and freedoms. In its truest sense, liberation speaks to the action of being liberated from the imperialistic modes of political, economic, social and environmental oppression. Liberation cannot be achieved by a single act but is a concerted act for the people and by the people to reconceptualize, reimagine what freedom means and rediscover our journey towards complete self-determination and self-reliance guided by the Pan African Spirit Africa for Africans at home or abroad.

As a people or nation, we must strive to strategically protect our hard-earned freedom and together rid of Africa the last vestiges of Neo-colonialism which continues to impair Africa’s Economic Development.

Each year we will host the Afrikan Liberation Day to assess the progress we have made in the fight against imperialism, neo-colonialism and foreign domination.

Our liberation means freedom of thought and freedom of religion. In this day and age if freedoms existed in Africa as it should be, there will be no single state where people are being compelled to be governed by a single religion and denied their freedom of conscience.


Today as we celebrate African Liberation Day, we urge every person to reflect on what needs to be done to get to a point of being liberated –. Today I implore you to reflect on how we the people play an active role in attaining Afrikan liberty through mental emancipation and reimagining our African identity, reconceptualizing economic development and embracing a global Pan Afrikan movement. Our speakers today will speak to these topics and more as we commemorate Afrikan Liberation Day.”

Speech by Daniel Mwambonu ,the President of the United States of Africa

The event which was streamed live on 2nacheki Tv , was attended by Pan Africanists from African states like Libya, Cape Verde, Ghana and Ethiopia. United Kingdom, United States ,Brazil, West Papua and Haiti.

He called on Africans at home or abroad to support the United States of Africa and work towards the realization of a unified African nation.

“Unite we must. Without necessarily sacrificing our sovereignties, we can forge a political union based on defense, foreign affairs and diplomacy, and a common citizenship, an African currency, a monetary zone and a central bank. We must unite in order to achieve the full liberation of our continent.” – Kwame Nkrumah.

Watch exclusive interview with the President of the United States of Africa Daniel Mwambonu on Afrique Média

58th African Liberation Day: The President of the United States of Africa weighs in on African Liberation Day


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